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GSoC 2021: I've been accepted!

GSoC 2021

Over a month of waiting has passed and it’s finally happened - I’ve been accepted to this year’s edition of GSoC!

It is bit of a surprise for me, mainly because of the fact that I had started to work on my project proposal barely 2 weeks before the deadline, but I’m very glad I managed to get in!

My project and organization

This summer I’m gonna be working on Pitivi. It’s a free, open-source video editor for Linux aimed at making editing easy for beginners, while also being efficient for more professional purposes.

My goal is to implement a project named “Focus on the music”. In short, by the end of this summer Pitivi should have the functionality to let users easily sync their edits to the music of their choice.

The project begins

The first part of my project is to research the beat-detecting libraries available to use, to see which one suits our needs the most - keep an eye out for a post about that.

After that, with the help of my mentor of course, I’ll begin integrating the chosen library into Pitivi and creating the UI elements needed to make the whole functionality feel solid and easy to use.

I’ll be posting about my GSoC adventure regularly, so make sure to check back in a couple weeks to read more about it!